Guitar lessons have been Guitar Excellence’s forte for over a decade. Learning to play the guitar has never been easier as we are the original professional company to give all of our tuition in your own home. If you are looking for guitar or bass lessons then you have come to the right place. All of our lessons are tailor-made for our pupil’s musical goals with prepared guitar sheet music accompanied with our trademarked Musical Quadrant and Players Practice Diary to help you get towards Guitar Excellence. We are also the first ever guitar tuition company to phase out 70% of paper usage with our cutting edge platinum guitar lessons as well as 20% less carbon emissions with our online guitar lessons. We give over 600 electric and acoustic in home guitar lessons per month as well as bass guitar lessons in all areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Now with the availability of broadband internet we give even more guitar lessons all over the world and South Africa in those hard to reach places outside of major metropolitan areas with our online guitar lessons. Our professional guitar tutors have a combined teaching experience of over 50 years between our tutors to offer the best value for money guitar tuition. We teach everyone from young scholars, mature professionals to even some of today’s hottest musical talent on the airwaves. How can we rock your world?

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