Quit smoking with ecigarettes!

1 July, 2012 13:19 Richard S

Premium e-cigarette is the latest invention of human mankind in order to cut down on smoking and stay away from them. 

In order to quit smoking just switch from the regular cigarettes to your e-cigarettes. Ecigarettes have various dosages of the nicotine in different cartridges that are ranging from zero to strong. You should of course start with the strong cartridge & slowly lower your dosage of nicotine till you reach zero. While you inhale the ecigarette, the real light at an end is lit & when you exhale the smoke vapor is emitted giving you psychological satisfaction of a real cigarette. This is certainly something you will not at all get from using a nicotine patch or nicotine gum.  

To my surprise, ecigarettes appear to have been banded by The U.S. Department of Transportation: http://travel.usatoday.com/flights/post/2011/02/federal-regulators-to-formally-ban-e-cigarette-use-on-planes/142656/1  WOW!

Seems wikipedia covers just about everything, huh!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette