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  • So that's what you will have to do as well. Learn to control your fear and
    anxiety of approaching women you don't know. Women strangers - man, how scary does
    that sound? You never did that, right? You will, my friend, you will!

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27 March, 2019 11:25

There are two schools of thought on dealing with the fear of approaching strangers. The first advocates therapy, as ridiculous as that may sound. In my opinion, doing a few exercises in your imagination might help somewhat, but won't bring noticeable results. What I subscribe to is shock therapy. That's how I got rid of my fear back when.

If you want to quit smoking, you won't do it with a bunch of nicotine patches. You'll have to make the decision to stop for good. From that point on, there is no more smoking. It's the same with girls. You're standing in a club surrounded by girls. Your heart is pounding. What should you do? You will decide to free chat online end your misery FOR ONCE and approach a girl RIGHT NOW ... just one of them. Of course, your first approach won't be perfect. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. And that's why I recommend mass approaches for your first time.

Look, I really don't care what you say. But say something, and say it to as many girls as possible. The best environment for this would be a club. For the first few times, make sure you stay sober. Your only goal should be to overcome your fear of approaching girls. Alcohol will help with your inhibitions, but the next day, you will be the same person with the same fears and inner obstacles. Also, don't bring any friends with you. They'll just hold you back and contribute to your getting drunk. Go alone. If you can make sober approaches in a club, you will be able to make approaches ANYWHERE. Keep that in mind: ANYWHERE.